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I have a rather bizarre path from how I started to how I became a professional web designer. It started when I was a kid in the late 80s early 90s when my father brought home our first personal computer. Growing up in a small rural town, we didn’t have much entertainment or things to do other than watch cars rust and get into trouble. When the internet came to our small town, it was dial-up internet and it was amazing.

I began to play basic computer games and figure out how all that worked until one day I bought a PC Gamer magazine and it had a “How to build your own games” workshop section in the back. It gave you rudimentary code and a simple platform to write up in DOS and from then on I was hooked. I began a long journey with computer languages, starting with COBOL and FORTRAN and it eventually lead me to HTML.

Back in those days, you really had two major options coding or coding. It wasn’t until the late 90s that a software company called Macromedia would release Dreamweaver that webdesign really took off for me. After working odd jobs and saving allowances, I purchased Dreamweaver and started making websites for the communities and online games I was playing at the time. Then my father came home and asked if I could build “one of those pages” for his work.

I think I was around 16 years old when I got my first paid gig.

It wasn’t a lot and the site wasn’t complicated, but I was able to put together a basic business website for the correctional facility my father worked at and it got me hooked on actually doing this as a job.

Early Days

When Adobe Systems bought out Macromedia and wrapped it up in it’s Creative Suite, the whole digital design revolution was booming. Adding on software like Flash, Photoshop, Fireworks and a few others was the way we began to revolutionize web design. Interactive buttons, dynamic text, databases for information storing, it really was an amazing time to be in the business.

Being part of the driving force of the ever evolving trends of web design has been an awesome ride. Pushing the envelop of what could (or should) be done on a website and watching how businesses began to take their web presence seriously reinforced my desire to stay in the business and keep up to date on those trends.

I began a lifetime of learning, through books from the library to early online schooling. Even today, I’m enrolled in multiple classes online to keep up to date on the way things are done and how the constantly evolving ecosystem of computer languages, web design, and technology continue to grow.

RocketCity Websites

When I moved out of that small rural town in West Virginia to Titusville Florida, I created RocketCity Websites as a way to continue to grow the web development passion and help the local businesses grow their online presences. With social media being a constantly fluid and fluctuating thing, albeit essential in many ways, developing a strong online presence on a domain that your business owns and can send people to is more important now than ever before.

RocketCity Websites builds on the WordPress platform almost exclusively. It’s a powerful and robust content management system that can be modified to do just about anything you’d want it to. From small, simple sites to massive enterprise grade databases, WordPress is a powerful tool that’s easy to learn and user friendly.

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